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Sapphire Pants

$290 AUD

The most luxurious silk crepe- the queen of fabric is the canvas of this art wear! Slip on the Sapphire printed silk set and you won’t want to take it off. This tie pant design originated from traditional Indian dressing. Watch this video to find out exactly just how unique and amazing these pants are! Pure sophistication and elegance, The Sapphire set is a precious jewel in the Hannah Art Wear collection.


Floral motifs are woodblock printed onto 100% silk crepe. Powder Blue hues are mixed together creating the most stunning Saphire inspired tones.


  • 100% Silk Crepe
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable tie on waist
  • Hand wood-block printed
  • Made by traditional craftsmanship in India
  • Gentle hand wash