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LANTANA Dress - Pink Orchid

$395 AUD

A retake on the sought after Marigold dress, The Lantana in Pink Orchid offers pure opulence and luxury! Meters of silk are woodblock printed in hues of Cinnamon and ivory, creating this easy and beautiful Lantana dress. Featuring a drawstring tie at waist, wear it belted or have it simply un-done for the ultimate bohemian luxe ensemble.


Hannah Artwear Spring 21 encapsulates the feminine essence of wildness and an unrestrained urge to explore the natural world in all its majesty and unexpected beauty. The otherworldly images create an interior oasis of the mind and spirit, capturing our longing to roam freely, discovering the sweet simplicity of an unnamed flower caught dancing in a subtle breeze. The seductive scent of spring summer that seeps through a sun drenched field is brought to life in the designs of each piece: through color, pattern and texture we are reminded of the reward of fantasy and the wildness of our untamed spirits. Creating a palace of dreams, Hannah Artwear asks you to dream, to float in the lush landscape of unrestrained longing and renewal.