La Primavera

La Primavera awakens us to the sensual and sublime qualities of Pugliesi Spring. The air is warm with the trantelizing scent of calendula settling on sunlit skin. The senses burst forth as the taste of sweet fig lingers and 'il dolce far niente', the sweetness of nothing' is a prerequisite of the season.

The raw meets the refined as iridescent silk sways in a distant breeze and the bright rays of Summer beckon. The oozing splendour of overly ripe tomatoes and prickly pear invite you in with the risk of over-indulgence on the precipice.

This season Hannah transports her woman to an untamed context, clothed in the irresistible fabrications synonymous with the collection: soft cottons, hand embellished linens and silk reveal a simultaneous resilience and other-worldly beauty.