Hannah Artwear is a wearable art brand capturing the bohemian spirit of exotic travels. Each piece is unique, projecting artistic designs on to beautiful fabrics with a completely handmade process dedicated to heritage garment techniques.

Creative director Hannah Grossberg is a young artist from Sydney regularly touted by critics as ‘one to watch’ for her multi-layered artistic approach. Hannah freely jumps between oil painting and watercolours to hand-drawn illustrations and styling and she’s wildly experimental in the ways she showcases her work. In 2017, emboldened by the creative spirit she encountered on visits to London and India, Hannah stepped outside the two-dimensional canvas and began fabricating her art on to delicate resort wear. The Hannah Artwear concept was born.

Hannah has a genuine and infectious lust for life – she’s a non-stop traveller embracing the nomadic lifestyle and collecting passport stamps from all corners of the world. This curiosity for culture, people and places forms the essence of her lifestyle brand.

The debut collection tells the story of Hannah’s first trip to India – an experience that had a profound effect on her artistic style. Whispers of exotic magic and explosions of colour from the Indian streets are depicted in wearable art, as strokes become stitches and Hannah’s vision materialises from canvas to clothing. The softest of cottons and silkiest silks flow around the body with feminine shapes printed and patterned by traditional woodblock stamps, in a collection of luxurious easy-wear resort clothing for bohemian wanderers.

Hannah is an innovator in the slow fashion movement; her collections are created in collaboration with artisan communities with each step thoughtfully considered for beauty, quality and sustainability. The result is emotionally significant clothing with an empowering experience for the owner.

Hannah Artwear is poetic clothing to inspire your daydreams. Timeless pieces designed to catch eyes and turn heads, destined to become the fabric of every woman’s summer. Beachwear for your best self.

“I’m infused with an inherent creativity and the gift for art to permeate my everyday life. In today’s innovative world it’s so exciting to break out of the art form and apply my work to absolutely anything.”

– Hannah Grossberg 2017