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Hannah Art Wear is a womenswear brand conceived through artistic creation, artisan collaboration and human connection. Strokes become stitches as each garment is energetically infused with the hand of the artist and the many hands that bring each piece into existence.

Originating from paintings of florals, the abundance of nature blooms across the body in Hannah ArtWear. From the artist’s studio in Sydney, to the artisan workshop in Jaipur, the unique journey of each garment is felt, absorbed and celebrated by the wearer.



Art is about human connection and the process of creating Hannah Art Wear involves connecting with others and working together in synergy so that each piece is meaningful and resonates on personal level. From the first brush stroke, the woodblock stamp, the hand stitched embroidery, the final sequin and button, to the moment where one can touch and feel and wear it, the end result is a celebration of so much love, talent and endless dedication to working in unison. 



The Hannah girl is as light as the silks, linens and cottons that caress the contours of her body.

 The lightweight of these natural fabrics corresponds to the textured quality of the canvas itself, and watercolours are transferred onto softer, lighter and transparent fabrics. What results are flowing one-size fits all silhouettes that make every girl look like they have been kissed by summer.