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Summer '21 Nature is Nurture

Hannah Artwear Summer 21 encapsulates the feminine essence of wildness and an unrestrained urge to explore the natural world in all its majesty and unrestrained beauty.

The season embraces texture and pattern in a muted palette to reveal a truth: beauty is in simplicity.

Summer 21 is designed by Hannah as an ode to life lived in harmony and beautiful balance.


Hannah Art Wear is a resortwear brand conceived through artistic creation, artisan collaboration and human connection. Strokes become stitches as each garment is energetically infused with the hand of the artist and the many hands that bring each piece into existence


Our Looks

SWEETPEA Top - Walhalla Olive

$275 AUD

PEONY Pants - Walhalla Olive

$310 AUD

JASMINE Dress - Eclipse

$350 AUD

LAUREL Top - Indigo Airlie

$245 AUD

AGNES Top - Lorne

$245 AUD