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  • Harvest Moon

    Fall Collection 2021

  • Nature is Nurture

Fall 2021 - Harvest Moon

Colors are muted and patterns speak of a classical, mystical reference.

The romanticism of the season is compelling as we soak up every ounce of cool, crisp air and dream of fairytale escapades to see us through the bare winter.


Hannah Art Wear is an etherial womenswear brand conceived through artistic creation, artisan collaboration and human connection. Strokes become stitches as each garment is energetically infused with the hand of the artist and the many hands that bring each piece into existence


Our Looks

LAYLA skirt

$320 AUD

MILA top

$295 AUD

AVA shirt

$295 AUD

LOLA pants

$320 AUD

SIENNA dress

$540 AUD