Hannah's Style Guide

The Luna Tie sleeve dress

  • Run the ties through the loop opening on either the right or left hip and wrap the ties around the waist for a classic tie dress.

  • Alternatively, tie a knot at the centre of the dress with the attached ties. Twist the ties clockwise twice to create a ruched knot. 

  • Wrap the ties around the waist.

  • Tie a bow at either the front or back of the waist.

The Maia skirt

  • Hold the corner of the skirt at the shoulder.

  • Wrap the opposing corner of the skirt around the back of the waist.

  • Bring the tie held at the shoulder down the back to the opposing hip to meet the other tie.

  • Tie a bow to secure the two ends and adjust the panel at the side of the bust for coverage.

The Maia top

  • Remove the belt of from the belt loops.

  • Take the bottom corners of the top.

  • Tie the two corners at the centre bust.

  • Double knot to secure the top and adjust for coverage.

The Surya dress

  • Tie the attached sash ties and bow at centre back to finish off the elegant backless design.

  • Alternatively cross the loops at the back waist.

  • Bring the ties to the front of the waist.

  • Tie a bow at the base of the opening.

The Calypso jumpsuit

  • Wrap sash belt around the waist or alternatively wear without the belt as a loose fit.

  • Either wrap the belt once or twice.

  • Bow in a butterfly knot.

  • Adjust the length of the ties.